Tree Swing Press is a publishing house aimed to promote children's literacy. Our book-for-book campaign enables us to partner with you to build community. Producing classic children’s books, that will be enjoyed for generations to come is just a highlight. 

Our goal at Tree Swing Press was designed to reinvent the modern classic, to inspire, to work hand in hand with authors and to become a partnership rather than monopolize on the artist’s creations. Tree Swing Press exists to inspire creativity and literacy. 

Studies show that 32 million adults in the USA cannot read. That is 14% of the population. Additionally, 19% of high school graduates can't read. Because of this, our goal at Tree Swing Press is to build community and close those gaps.  We hope to lower the percentages by reaching children at a younger age to influence them with what may be their only book.  

At Tree Swing Press, we believe that being a small publishing company does not limit big dreams.  With our book-for-book campaign, we feel we can aim to reach our company goal of donating 1 million books. For each book sold, one is donated to a child in need through an inner city youth program.  Please help us reach this goal. 

Founded in 2012, the idea of Tree Swing Press developed out of the desire to publish my own book and to be able to provide a company for other book artists to do the same, to set the bar high and to have books with quality, integrity, relatability, and timeless writing.

Tree Swing Press believes in spreading the passion to expand one’s imagination, to enrichen the desire to read, and to inspire children to want to learn to create their own characters and their own stories.

Tree Swing Press- 6227 E. Peabody St. Ca Long Beach 90808